Center for Experimental Structures [CES]: Morphology | Part 001

Format: Research
Genre: Architecture
Country: US, New York
Year: 2017 - 2020

3D-Printing on fabric | Pre-programming material 

Exploration of space structure through geometry and topology leads to new ways of shaping form and space. Fundamental principles of space, viewed through geometry and topology, are used to explore the  architectonic possibilities of topological surfaces and spaces. These principles provide powerful tools to discover new ways to shape space. As one example, minimal surfaces exemplify a way to divide space using continuously smooth and negatively curved (non-Euclidean) surfaces using least surface (hence economy of material used.) Developed prototypes looked toward the specific topology of various periodic minimal surfaces for insight into advancing and automating manufacturing processes. Our group focused on learning how to “deconstruct” such surfaces, redesign them by adapting to various materials and fabrication means. Computational models were developed to simulate assembly sequence and structural forces. Using hands-on experiments and discovery in physical realization of geometric and topologic concepts, supported by digital means, we explored such topological construction at small and large scales for potential architectural applications using physical modeling techniques.

Pratt Institute School of Architecture
Undergraduate InProcess Issue 24

Pratt Institute School of Architecture
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