Center for Experimental Structures [CES]: Morphology | Part 001

Format: Research
Genre: Architecture
Country: US, New York
Year: 2017 - 2020

3D-Printing on fabric | Pre-programming material 

The exploration of structure through geometry and topology offers novel approaches to shaping form and space. By applying fundamental principles of space from the perspective of geometry and typology, architects can unlock the architectonic potential of topological surfaces and spaces. These principles serve as powerful tools for uncovering innovative ways to manipulate space.

One exemplary instance is the utilization of minimal surfaces, which enable the division of space through continuously smooth and negatively curve (non-Euclidean) surfaces, optimizing material usage. The development of prototypes focused on understanding the specific topology of various periodic minimal surfaces to enhance and automate manufacturing processes. Our group ‘s primary focus was on the deconstruction and redesign of such surfaces, adapting them to different materials and fabrication methods. To aid in this endeavor, computational models were created to simulate assembly sequences and structural forces.

Through a combination of hands-on experimentation and digital support, we explore the physical realization of geometric and topologic concepts. This approach allowed us to investigate topological construction methods as both small and large scales, evaluating systems potential for architectural applications using physical modeling techniques.

Pratt Institute School of Architecture
Undergraduate InProcess Issue 24

Pratt Institute School of Architecture
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