Lucy Zakharova is leading scientific and architectural research with an emphasis on integrating design across scales and disciplines.

MA candidate in Sociocultural Anthropology at Columbia University GSAS. Her primary research focus is in Space Settlements, and it is developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Aerospace Engineering.
Prior, Lucy earned a degree in Architecture [RIBA Part 2] with honors from Pratt Institute, accompanied by a concentration in Morphology.

Lucy is a Co-Director of Columbia University CSI, leading NASA RASC-AL 2022 mission focusing on research of minimal surface typology for Mars Water-Based ISRU Architecture. Simultaneously, Lucy is a part of Thornton Tomasetti CORE Studio in New York. In 2019, Lucy was part of the core team at Mamou-Mani Architects, in London, UK, before returning to New York to work on her award-winning project En-cap-su-lat-ing. In late 2020 Lucy was invited to join Makhno Architects as a global partner, leading urban planning projects in United States.