N 40∘ 41’ 16.863”
W  73∘ 57’ 52.026”

Representation” is at once a category of technical operations specific to architecture as discipline and, at the same time, a conceptual template to understand  the production of meaning in architecture. If architecture is understood primarily as a system of representation - a medium of communication among other media - it follows that it is best unpacked using the tool kit of semiotics and theories of language. The long shadow of the semiotic in the architectural theory of the late 20thcentury was bound up with drawing and theories of representation; it is no accident that postmodernism in architecture coincided with a renewed interest in drawing.”
- Log 51. Fall 2020
Selecting an element from Los Manantiales Restaurant(Mexico City, 1958) and producing a series of ruled transformations (such as folding, twisting, rotating and stretching). This generates a complex form, which can gain structural qualities through its density.

Changing the scale of the structure, from pavilion to a product design object, allows to explore all posibilities of morphological and programmatic use of the form.